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Are you looking for a better ticketing solution?  One that is specifically designed for colleges?


More than a ticketing service, Articulate Ticketing strives to create a sense of community among college concert programmers, in complementary fashion to the NACA.


We offer superior customer service, low ticket fees, and a simple back end user experience, which you can set up yourselves or we can do for you!


There are ticketed and ticketless options (let us tell you how you can go green via mobile ticketing!), for public or private shows, and promotional codes of your own design are always an option, anyway you choose.


Best of all, the more schools that sign up, the more schools that are able to cross promote their shows to each other at no additional cost.  In fact, we’ll do it for you!


Now that’s an articulate ticketing solution.


For more information, please download the deck.





Articulate Ticketing is a partnership between Articulate Entertainment and EventBrite.

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