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Articulate Entertainment provides a fresh look from highly experienced professionals who see the market from more sides than any other, because we buy, sell, and produce college concerts, as well as consult to top tier artists who perform them, every day.


Our clients are colleges large and small, as far apart as the University of Maine, Southern Miss, and UC Riverside; recent festivals we have been a part of include Life is good and KahBang; and we do private events for major corporations and non profits alike (check out Sumeria Group).


There are a number of company websites which provide artist availability listings and associated pricing, the information for which is often deceptive and conflicting.  Reason being, price and availability are based on circumstantial variables: where and when, how does it fit with what else the artist has in that timeframe, etc.  Therefore, we suggest you peruse them all - taking into consideration that the information provided will be relatively accurate at best, and intentionally misleading at worst, but should provide some general insights prior to contacting one of the professionals at Articulate Entertainment.  Just keep in mind, the notion that some companies get better prices than others is also relative to aforementioned variables, and the event with the highest net gain on a particular date is almost always going to be the one accepted.  


Alternately, you could simply contact us first and we'll be glad to help you cut through the clutter.  After all, who better to help you articulate your needs and elevate the quality of your concert booking and production experience?


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