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In this fast paced technological era, with all the resources at our fingertips, one might mistakenly believe they can reach their core demographic with the click of a button.  But more and more, programmers are realizing that’s just not the case – college students in particular are bombarded with so much information they simply don’t see everything that crosses their inbox, Facebook page or Twitter feed – even when the school they attend allows their campus activities groups to send updated programming correspondence P2P!


So how do college concert programmers reach their student body?  And what about the surrounding community, and other area schools?


These are two of the toughest challenges programming bodies face in the age of technology, and the answers are not seemingly self evident, until now.


Introducing CEN, Campus Events Network.


More than just a vehicle for promoting your events – although we will help do that too – OCL is a place to share and compare notes and ideas with peers across the country (and in time, around the world).


Who is doing what, when, where, how and with whom?


What are your findings – did it work?  Would you do it again?  What would you change?


There is no sense in reinventing the wheel.  If you are interested in fostering an online community spirit among campus concert programmers, in an effort to bring new and improved ideas to your school, as well as market your events to our database of campus communities, CEN is where it happens.


What’s more, we will be introducing tours and events directly to you as they are announced so that you can feel free to discuss amongst yourselves – as well as contests (with prizes!) to further discussion and provoke thought with respect to marketing and publicity campaigns for your shows.


Get connected, with OCL: Oncampus.Live.



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